University of Wisconsin–Madison

VCFA Strategic Initiatives

The Strategic Plan for the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA) aligns the VCFA with the campus Strategic Framework and supports UW-Madison’s commitment to campuswide strategic priorities.

Under its Strategic Plan, the VCFA is focusing on four of six campuswide strategic priorities:

  • Resource Stewardship: Being responsible stewards of our resources.
  • Diversity: Enhancing diversity in order to ensure excellence in education and research.
  • Undergraduate education: Providing an exemplary undergraduate education.
  • Recruit and Retain: Recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff, and rewarding merit.

The VCFA is engaged in a series of strategic initiatives to demonstrate meaningful progress in each priority area. Project teams are developing and managing each strategic initiative. All VCFA directors are actively involved in each initiative, and VCFA units are committed to finding and sharing innovative solutions in the priority areas being addressed.

VCFA Strategic Initiative: Process improvement within VCFA units using APR approach (Campus Strategic Priority: Resource Stewardship)

The goal of this initiative is to improve services and clearly demonstrate to campus customers and the public that resources are used responsibly by:
• Improving process efficiencies in order to enhance services and responsiveness to campus customers as well as to identify cost savings and improve the institution’s financial performance.
• Sharing services across VCFA units and with VCFA partners to increase collaboration, reduce redundancy and duplication, and free up resources for reallocation.

VCFA Strategic Initiative: Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (Campus Strategic Priorities: Diversity; Recruit and Retain)

The VCFA Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) initiative was developed to address campus priorities of recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff and enhancing diversity to ensure excellence in education and research. These priorities are closely related, and the VCFA is addressing them in an integrated manner.

While each component of this initiative (engagement, inclusion, diversity) has specific practices which drive effective results, they all reflect contemporary and complementary talent management practices. These components each support practices that will enable UW-Madison to attract, develop and retain talent.

VCFA Strategic Initiative: Student Employment (Campus Strategic Priority: Undergraduate Education)

This initiative is aimed at evaluating and increasing the role employment within VCFA units can play in student learning. VCFA units are the largest employers of students on the UW-Madison campus. Students are employed in a variety of technical and progressively responsible positions. VCFA units consider further development of student employment in key areas as an opportunity to enhance the undergraduate educational experience.

The strategic initiative more formally connects student employment to student learning. It establishes a tool to assess student progress in three key areas:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Leadership and practical skills