Finance and HR Rotation Program

PDF flyer for Job Rotation Program

Higher education increasingly requires finance and human resources professionals comfortable operating in changing, complex environments. In particular, the University of Wisconsin–Madison continues to grow its teaching, research, and public service missions adding complexity across the institution. The university, a world leader in research and in advancing public higher education, increasingly needs employees who have familiarity and experience in multiple areas of the university’s operations.

The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration has launched the Job Rotation Program to place participants in finance and human resources departments and functions across the university. Designed primarily to provide early career professionals with a broad set of experiences, the program will enable career growth at the university. It will benefit the university by strengthening its team of professionals in finance, human resources and other administrative areas. Participants will gain a solid understanding of UW–Madison’s culture, mission, and strategies through a series of experiences (rotations) over a two-year time frame.

The program provides for comprehensive feedback and coaching through a structured performance management process to position participants for future roles at UW–Madison upon program completion.

Program Goals

  • Recruit new diverse talent to the university from a wide array of sources
  • Generate a pool of knowledgeable, well-rounded employees with solid operational knowledge of the university and positioned on a path for growth at UW–Madison
  • Develop a strong talent bench for placement in key administrative roles across campus


  • Projects (strategy, benchmarking, presentations, business processes)
  • Planning (forecasting, annual budgets, compensation analysis, finance and HR benchmarking)
  • Transactional activity (accounting, monthly reporting, payroll, hiring, procurement)

Who Can Participate?
Recent graduates and current university employees with less than three years of work experience and a background across a wide swath of degrees including business, math, economics or other quantitative social sciences. A four-year degree is highly preferred.

How Does it Work?
Participants will experience three to four rotations of six to eight months each over a two-year period. Examples might include projects that impact the university, operational roles in a college or planning for one of the auxiliary units (e.g. Housing). A hybrid feedback and coaching approach involving the Office of Human Resources, finance leadership, and participating units will support skill growth, career management, and professional development.

For more information
Contact Paul Seitz, Director of Strategic Initiatives (, or Susannah Rockman – Lee, Rotation Program Coordinator (