Budget Documents

The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration is UW-Madison’s chief financial officer. Working closely with the Madison Budget Office, the Vice Chancellor is responsible for the development and implementation of the University’s operating and capital budgets.

For a high-level overview of UW-Madison’s revenue sources and spending categories, download the Basic Budget Facts card. Additional revenue and expenditure data is available in the Data Digest at http://apir.wisc.edu/datadigest.htm.

More detailed budget documents, primarily for use by campus budget officers, are on the website of the Madison Budget Office. These documents include budget instructions and memoranda, revenue estimates, and tuition and fee schedules.

Budget Documents

Budget Model

A faculty, staff and student committee recommended a budget model for UW-Madison that is more transparent, allows resources to shift based on objective measures of activity and provides incentives for innovation. Read more about the budget model.