VCFA Initiatives

The Human Resources Design Project is a campuswide effort to build a new, more effective University of Wisconsin-Madison personnel system to better serve the needs of the university, its employees and the citizens of Wisconsin.

UW-Madison is a partner with the White House and universities around the country in a major campaign to address sexual assault on college campuses. Numerous campus units have embraced the It’s On Us campaign and encourage other units and organizations to participate.

  • Process Improvement Initiatives

Originally established in response to tighter administrative budgets, pending staff retirements and on-going technological changes, Administrative Process Redesign (APR) provides campus with a framework for efficiency. APR has transitioned from an initiative to an ongoing program within the office of the VCFA.

The VCFA is also a sponsor of the Administrative Improvement Awards, a program established to highlight ongoing process improvement efforts across campus.

The Office of Sustainability was created to transform sustainability research and education on campus, encourage the adoption of best practices to make sustainability an essential part of our university’s daily operations, and promote conservation and waste prevention as a way of life for our community. Originally a joint initiative of the VCFA and the Provost, the Office continues to serve in this co-sponsored capacity.