About the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration


The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration serves as UW-Madison’s chief financial officer. Vice Chancellor Laurent Heller is responsible for overall supervision of a wide array of the University’s administrative, student-life and auxiliary functions: budget, facilities planning and management, business services, human resources, research and sponsored programs, police services, housing, health services, student unions and recreational sports.

Our mission is to provide “the highest-quality administrative and student life services to enhance the University of Wisconsin-Madison experience.”

We want to hear from you. To let us know how we’re doing or to ask a question about any of our programs and services, please call 608-262-9943 or send an e-mail to vcfa@vc.wisc.edu


  • Abe Lincoln statue in summer

    Abe enjoys summer atop Bascom Hill

  • movie night on the terrace

    Movie night on the Memorial Union terrace

  • Bascom Hill

    A gorgeous summer day on Bascom Hill

  • Arboretum

    Summer on Gardner Marsh in the Arboretum

  • sunset on Lake Mendota

    A summer sunset over Lake Mendota