VCFA EID Council

The VCFA Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity (EID) initiative was developed to address campus priorities of recruiting and retaining the best faculty and staff and enhancing diversity to ensure excellence in education and research.

The purpose of the EID Council is to provide advice and assistance to the VCFA for creating, launching and sustaining organizational change on matters relating to the design and implementation of the Engagement, Inclusion and Diversity Initiative in an integrated manner.

What is EID?

Engagement: Employees feel valued by their organization, find pride and personal meaning in their work, and are willing to go "above and beyond" for their employer.

Inclusion: Employees have a sense of belonging and of being respected for who they are and as a contributing member of the team. Barriers to contribution and negative biases are eliminated, allowing employees to feel respected and give their personal best.

Diversity: Employees possess the range of human qualities that impact and influence how people are perceived and how they behave, including (but not limited to) age, gender, race, ethnicity, color, physical and mental attributes, sexual orientation, marital status, spirituality, education, values and beliefs. To capitalize on diversity, the work environment must allow the organization to leverage the strengths and talents of all staff.

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