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Making Non-Salary Cost Transfers More Efficient

At the October 14, 2009 APR Campus Forum, an updated policy, procedures, and a new form to reduce the time it takes to process non-salary (non-grant) cost transfer requests were announced by the APR Non-Salary Cost Transfer team. 

The processing of non-salary, non-grant cost transfers is now a separate process from cost transfer requests related to a grant.  Consequently, a new form and a new batching process in Accounting Services are in place to accommodate this change.  The process now also encourages the use of JET (Journal Entry Tool) so that schools and colleges can enter non-grant corrections into SFS, bypassing the need for a validation step in Accounting Services for the non-grant cost transfer process.  A pilot of the new process was successfully conducted in September. 

Anticipated improvements include improved tracking of requests, reducing process time from an average of 29 days to an average of 5 days , and less incorrect information.  

Opportunities for training and certification in the use of the JET (Journal Entry Tool) will be available in November.  

For more information regarding changes to the non-salary, non-grant cost transfer process and access to the revised policy, new form, and "how-to" instructions and procedures, please go to 

Written by Barb Burchfield, APR Communications Coordinator
October 21, 2009